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*says she’s going going to reply friends*

*gets stuck babysitting for the whole day*


This.. was extremely relevant

Oga’s just trying to do what he can to get that PS3 keep Beel happy.


Okay so personal headcanon that Oga didn’t pack any shit for this trip and is now just mooching off of Furuichi’s suitcase.

No, he doesn’t see the problem of best friends sharing underwear either. As long as he gets to wear them first of course.

It probably doesn’t help that Furuichi is being the most inattentive best friend ever! He totally deserves to get his clothes stolen.


this show is about terrorists

I am sadly not able to tumblr today. Talk to y’all tomorrow!

Beelzebub Side Story - Chapter 2



The new chapter of the Beelzebub Side Story is finally out!



"This image is an illustration from the vol 10 DVD. The outfit from the Middle East worn by young Sinbad, I remember this was used as a reference to his national outfit.

Thank you again for this week’s issue of Magi. The Alma Toran scenes found in volume 12 to 16 that Aladdin had shall soon connect with the upcoming chapters.

Please bear with this a little longer”


Zankyou no Terror Episode 4 preview - Break Through

— Anonymous said: Hi, I'm the anon that asked for a doujinshi translation :) I'm realy happy that you took so nicely to my request, I was pretty nervous asking you so I'm relived now :) Thank you so much for working on making it possible for more people to enjoy ogafuru doujinshi. You're great and thank you ones again!

Awww your welcome anon!  I just try to be a decent person. I can’t imagine being rude to an anon unless they were rude to me first.

I feel bad we couldn’t get one of them translated at the end. Its nice the OgaFuru community is small and well knit but that sadly means we don’t have that much visibility in terms of scan groups.

— Anonymous said: Thank you for your quick answer, if they ever reply could you be so kind as to just answer this message with their answer? Sorry to be a bother and thank you very much one more time.

I just got a reply back from the moderator.  The reason for the delay is because they don’t have raws (they don’t have a physical copy of the magazine, nor the scans for it).  So they can’t do anything until they’ve obtained it.


That one time Nozaki and Mikorin binge played a dating game and decided the main character should have ended up with his best friend instead.

— Anonymous said: Sorry to ask that, but do you know if anyone is going to translate the new beelzebub special chapter in English? Maybe the red hawk scans people? Or someone else? Thank you.

I sent Red Hawk Scans a message asking what happened. As far as I know, they have said they will handle the spin-off.

Thanks for asking! I also was wondering what had happened. Let’s see if they’ll reply or not.


you: shut up you’re like nine



The ‘sin’ of having a minimum is that they bring an early death to their users, and that’s why Art wants to erradicate them completely


This is a theory I have been thinking up for several days now, but did not want to go into further speculation until I watched this week’s episode (which I’m glad to say pretty much confirmed my suspicions), so after some encouragement from fabelyn I decided I would share it with you guys after all. Like the title says, here I will try to explain in (further) detail why minimums are “sins” and why Art wants to erradicate them, as well as to why he wants Nice dead, and who might be the mastermind behind everything.

Thanks in advance to fabelyn, from whom I borrowed some ideas based on her theories. Also props to good7luck,  and , who discussed this in the tag before as well. Brace yourselves, this is going to be a bit long.

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Morgiana in a Berber outfit, a submission for the 1001 Nights: A Magi fashion illustration fanbook! It features some awesome artists and I can’t tell you how happy I was to be a part of this project ♥ The fanbook is still available for purchase here, so go buy it before it’s sold out!!!

ok this is seriously BADASS