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Manga Therapy: Shonen Jump Brings All the Girls to the Yard


Nikkei's chart of popular Weekly Shonen Jump titles that women like vs. titles that men like.

If 50% of Weekly Shonen Jump readers are female, one can consider the magazine to be the most gender-neutral manga magazine out there today.

Great article.  But I think the one thing missing. Even though the people buying Jump manga is more-or-less evenly split between men and women, the magazine has consistently kept its predominantly male readership (80% men to 20% women).  So technically, it is not a gender neutral magazine at all.  It’s definitely still geared towards men and teenaged boys, and that still determines what kind of manga get published in the first place.  If WSJ were to fully embrace their readership beyond the magazine, then maybe we could consider it a “gender neutral” magazine.

Another thing that would be great to compare it to is how these series stack up on Comiket and similar doujinshi markets.  For example, even though Medaka Box, Toriko, and Beelzebub are more popular with men, the female fans are the ones drawing a lot of (if not all) the doujinshi.  I think there also needs to be a reverse study done on shoujo magazines, and how popular those are with men, etc.

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